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Jan 27, 2020

When a local farmer is willing to go by the name, "The Village Idiot" and "The Hippie Farmer" on Twitter and is able to gain over ten thousand followers as such, he's basically begging for us to invite him on the podcast. So we did. However, there's far more to discuss with the man behind the Twitter name than social...

Jan 24, 2020

Tomas is back. He and Matthew discuss the recent controversial push from Starbucks concerning dairy, Kubota's autonomous concept tractor, and Samsung's file sharing improvements. Enjoy! 

Starbucks Article

Kubota X-Tractor Article

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Jan 20, 2020

This episode gets into some of the nitty-gritty of the business that is Bane-Welker Equipment. CEO, Phil Bane sits down with Matthew Bane to discuss some of what it means that Bane-Welker is an employee owned business. As much as this episode gets into the details, it's not meant to be an exhaustive explanation...

Jan 17, 2020

Welcome to another edition of Friday on the Fly. This go round, Matthew goes through some "Quick Hits" from Fern's Ag Insider and discusses the recent signing of "Phase One" of the efforts being made to end the US - China trade war. 

Quick Hits Article

US - China...

Jan 13, 2020

For episode 47, we were happy to have another guest from the Northwest region. Ed Driskill lives in Moscow, Idaho and has worked for over five years with a company that develops and sells post-patent crop protection products--Albaugh, LLC. His experience in the ag industry spans further than those five years, however,...