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Feb 22, 2021

This episode Phil and Matthew Bane discuss the history and significance of the Steiger before and after its inception to the Case IH family in 1986.

Feb 17, 2021

This episode Matthew Bane runs through several current events including the upcoming Senate vote for Secretary of Agriculture nominee, Tom Vilsack, relays a legendary story about J.I. Case, and finally, pays tribute to a local farmer, Forest Wilson. 

Feb 8, 2021

This episode, Matthew Bane catches up with Tomas (known to some as Tyler Wilson). Recently Tomas was nominated for a new position within the Farm Bureau and was featured on Channel 18 news discussing the issue of internet service in rural areas. Finally, they discussed some old case tractors and plans for the...

Feb 1, 2021

This episode, Matthew and Phil Bane discuss the high horsepower Case Agri King model 1370 and the innovations the tractor brought to the world of farming.